It is an honor to serve as this year’s United Way campaign chair. I truly believe that the community is the owner of both our issues and our opportunities and everyone can play a role in serving those needs.

Growing up, there were many community members who played a role in my development. They took the time to invest in me and my future to shape who I have become. That’s what motivates me to give back.

As the chair, I have had the opportunity to see first-hand the incredible impact taking place through United Way and their family of 27 partner agencies. I have seen both the passion of the people who serve as well as the impact taking place on those in need.

So why support United Way? I view United Way as the unifying organization to help meet the many needs that our community faces. Where else can you make a single donation that will impact the lives of so many and in such a diverse manner?

I want to live in a community that is caring and nurturing and one that works together to lift up the tide for all who are within it. That is the goal of our United Way—to ensure that all families and individuals thrive. Each of us can be a part of that change.

It begins with one person, one donation, or one hour. Every one of us has something to offer to create a better community. But when we all come together, we do something amazing—transform lives, our community and ourselves.

Join me in being a part of the change by giving, advocating and volunteering. That’s what it means to Live United.