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Midland Rallies around United Way Campaign Raising over $4.7 million for Community Programs

At the beginning of the campaign, United Way posed a [...]

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601, 2023

Midland Rallies around United Way Campaign Raising over $4.7 million for Community Programs

January 6th, 2023|News|

At the beginning of the campaign, United Way posed a simple question – “whose life will you change?” They shared that once again, our community stepped up to answer that call in an inspiring way, showing their commitment to supporting one other, offering help and hope.

United Way is thrilled to announce they have exceeded their $4.7M goal, raising $4,708,240 or 100% of the campaign goal.

“The engagement in the 2022 campaign was inspiring to witness,” shared Craig Stevens, United Way of Midland County Board Chair. “Each year, many folks support the campaign showing their trust and confidence in United Way. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we can’t thank our community enough for joining us in providing the resources to fund the vital programs and services to help to our neighbors in need.”

Stevens and the Board believe that people and organizations recognize that United Way is well-positioned to help our community to impact the most pressing health and human service needs through their commitment to their annual campaign, volunteering and lending their voice for change.

With a theme of “Have you ever..,” the community campaign was led by Michael Goad, President and CEO of Dow Credit Union and his wife Claudia Goad, dedicated community volunteer and advocate.

“When we kicked off the campaign in the fall, our hope was to inspire those around us to join in. We asked our community to lend a hand up for our neighbors,” shared Michael Goad, 2022 Campaign Co-Chair. “As we progressed through the campaign, we were humbled and in turn inspired ourselves. The outpouring of support from this community is incredible and we couldn’t be prouder. The way folks in this community care about each other is evident in the way so many showed up to support this year’s campaign.”

Claudia added her thanks to the community for supporting their neighbors.

“The campaign is truly a demonstration of how our community comes together,” shared Claudia Goad, 2022 Campaign Co-Chair. “Individuals, organizations, companies – large and small – foundations, nonprofits, the United Way team and board, volunteers and community advocates all joined together contributing to our collective success. We would like offer our genuine thanks to the Midland community for their generous response. It fills our hearts knowing that the help so many in our community need will be there.”

United Way reports that support poured in from every corner of the community. In total, nearly 140 organizations supported the United Way campaign through workplace campaigns, special events, sponsorships and volunteering.

The numbers speak to the heart of this community, said Holly Miller, president and CEO of United Way of Midland County.

“Every year I am astounded by the way folks in our community continue to show up,” shared Miller. “We are so grateful. Every gift matters and will be invested collectively to improve the lives of our neighbors. While each of us individually make an impact, when we come together true change happens and hope is offered to so many. This year’s campaign is just another reflection of how care and compassion fill the hearts of our community.”

The giving spirit of the community rang throughout Midland County. With a generous matching grant from the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation and a clear message of need, hundreds of new donors were inspired to give. Many United Way supporters gave generously by joining the esteemed Tocqueville Society, Leadership Circle and Young Leaders United, demonstrating their commitment to truly changing lives.

In the upcoming weeks, United Way will report the 2023 program funding allocations.

Volunteers devoted nearly 30 hours reviewing applications, looking at outcomes, posing questions and hearing from United Way’s partners. Based on what they learned, the volunteer teams make funding recommendations to the United Way Board. This process ensures that there is a high level of accountability and demonstrates the impactful and measurable ways that lives are being changed by the community’s investment.

United Way shared that its Board of Directors will meet on January 10th to approve allocations presented by the community impact panels.

Miller added that United Way is just getting started and looks ahead with intentionality and hope.

“Because of our community’s generosity, our partners and the programs they offer will be there to help our neighbors,” Miller said. “Each of us has the opportunity to step up and make a difference and this campaign we truly witnessed that happening. There are so many in our community counting on us, and I’m proud that together we are offering them hope. Lives will be changed and we cannot thank you enough.”

912, 2022

United Way Needs Your Help: Make a Difference this Holiday Season

December 9th, 2022|News|

United Way of Midland County is calling on you to support our neighbors in need by giving back this holiday season. As we near the end of 2022, United Way encourages each of us to consider how we can make a difference by investing in vital community programs in the areas of Youth Success, Health and Household Stability.

“Midland County has a spirit of generosity and incredible care for the people who call our community home,” shared Holly Miller, President and CEO of United Way of Midland County. “Giving should never be an obligation, but an aspiration of hope for a better tomorrow. We are asking our community to help us provide that hope to ensure sustainability for those who need it the most.”

The 2022 campaign launched earlier this fall. United Way is reporting pledges totaling $4,626,836 or 98% of their $4.7 million goal. Although they are close to reaching the goal, they need your help to cross the finish line to ensure vital programs and services are there for the growing number of people who need help.

“To everyone who has given generously to this year’s campaign, we say thank you,” shared Miller. “We cannot do this work alone and we are so grateful for the outpouring of support we’ve received so far. But we need our community to rally with us now to fill the gap.”

United Way shared that our neighbors are counting on us. Without these vital programs, many folks would not have the help they need during the times in their lives they need it most. It could be you, a family member, coworker or friend.

The need in our community continues to rise. Inflation has impacted all of us, but it is making the basics even harder to afford for our most vulnerable neighbors. United Way has reported that our youth are suffering from higher rates of depression and anxiety, many folks are facing loneliness and finding affordable and reliable childcare is more challenging than ever.

Supporting United Way helps ensure individuals and families have healthy meals, reliable and affordable childcare, safe housing, access to mental health care, job skills assistance, reading tutoring and many other health and human service needs.

Now is the time to make a personal commitment to joining United Way in changing lives.

  • Consider a first-time donation. Every gift makes an impact, no donation is too small.
  • Renew or increase your support. Visit to make your pledge today.
    • Donations can also be mailed to:
      United Way of Midland County
      115 Jerome St
      Midland, MI 48640
  • Spread the Word. Encourage your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to get involved and give back this holiday season.

Every dollar raised helps create change. Dollars invested in United Way support nearly 60 vital community programs offered by 27 nonprofit partners. To learn more about the invested programs visit

“Giving back goes beyond making a financial contribution,” Miller added. “Many of our supporters get involved by giving of their time or advocating for our neighbors.”

United Way’s partners are also in need of volunteers to help support their programs. Holiday shopping, tutoring, meal delivery for seniors and many more opportunities are available now and all year. To find an opportunity for your family to get involved or that aligns with your passions, visit

“As we begin preparations for the holidays, take a moment and consider the many individuals and families who are struggling,” shared Miller. “Each of us can do something to make our community stronger, but together we provide help and hope for all.”


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