The Live United is being brought to life throughout Midland County. It shows how each and every one of us can be a part of creating a stronger community. After the sixth week of the campaign, our community has raised $3,718,710, which represents 76% of our overall $4,900,000 goal.

“We need everyone’s help,” shared Campaign Chair Cornell Boggs. “There are individuals and families in our community that are counting on us to ensure the vital programs and services continue to be there for those in need. We’re in the home stretch. Help us reach the finish line.”

Many divisions made significant progress this week. Our local labor councils are strong advocates, bringing awareness to the impact of United Way and are reporting support of over $5,000. The Dow Corning campaign is still going strong, even as they surpass their goal, raising over $725,000.

The Special Gifts division, which includes many area retirees, continues to show their strong commitment to the future. Many gave faithfully during their careers and continue their support in retirement. These legacy-minded individuals have already raised $371,807, nearly 70% of their goal.

Every generation can make a difference, as demonstrated by the students at Jefferson Middle School and Blessed Sacrament. The Jefferson students have already raised an impressive $1,600 in their Change for Change campaign, and students from Blessed Sacrament dropped off cookies and a wall poster, thanking United Way for helping the community.

Chemical Bank ran a very visible and creative campaign, kicking off with a fun rendition of “Thriller.” They are reporting pledges of $90,024, surpassing their goal by an inspiring 8%.

“Our small businesses are huge community advocates. They live here, work here and are integral to our community’s success,” shared Ann Fillmore. “Their commitment to our community is inspiring.”

Sym Financial Advisors increased their support by 42% this year and Everett Carpet is up by 35%, donating $1,945. The generous employees of Allis Information Management grew their campaign by over 70% and GE Electric increased support by 30%. Omni Tech is committed to making a difference, increasing their pledges by 70%, donating $4,150.

“So why support United Way?” shared Cornell Boggs, 2014 Campaign Char. “I view United Way as the unifying organization to help meet the many needs that our community faces. Where else can you make a single donation that will impact the lives of so many and in such a diverse manner?”

People don’t always know where to turn, when they find themselves in need. United Way 211 of Northeast Michigan is a 24/7 call center that connects people with the resources they need. Help is simply a phone call away, by dialing 211 or (989) 835-2211. United Way also offers free FamilyWize Prescription Drug discount cards to everyone in the community. These discount cards guarantee the lowest cost on prescription drugs for residents with or without insurance. Cards are available at many local pharmacies or on the United Way website at

“To date, our community has saved over $810,000,” shared Ann Fillmore.

A big goal deserves an equally big celebration. On Wednesday, November 19th, United Way will “Wrap Up” the 2014 community campaign, announcing the final results at Chamber Connections. Join them from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn of Midland. The surprise unveiling of our community’s generosity will be the talk of the town for weeks to come. You won’t want to miss it!

Every single one of us has something to offer to make our community a better place. Many give generously of their finances to help make a difference in the lives of others; thousands turn their passion into action by serving as a volunteer; and others speak in support of those who many not have a voice. That’s what it means to be a part of this community what Living United is all about. To find out more, contact United Way at 631-3670 or online at