While we continue to wrestle with the aftermath and looming uncertainties that surround Covid-19, there’s much to say and do as we recover from the pandemic’s ripple effects.

Our work is not finished. It’s just getting started.

But right now, we want to pause, take a breath and express our sincere gratitude.

Thank you corporations. Individuals. Organizations. Foundations. Those in our backyard, across the nation and across the world. Countless hearts showed their generosity with hands raised in the air, helping propel us forward through donations of time, talents and resources.

How You Helped

VOLUNTEERING. Over 420 volunteers responded to hundreds of volunteer shifts across the county. Thanks to the outpouring of support from you, Senior Services completely fulfilled their need for Meals on Wheels drivers to deliver meals to our most vulnerable citizens. Volunteers at Midland Public Schools loaded and delivered thousands of pre-packaged for students and families. Midland’s Open Door had numerous volunteers pre-package meals and check in donations. United Way Staff personally helped load food and supplies to fill Salvation Army’s empty food pantry shelves.

And these are just a few examples…there are many more. The volunteer needs continue as our community begins to rebuild. If you want to lend a hand, click here to view volunteer opportunities.

FUNDING IMPACT AREAS. Your generosity provided essential funding that went directly back into our community to support our nonprofits, essential workers and our ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) population.

During the pandemic, one key need identified was meeting the short-term childcare needs for essential workers. Working closely with the Midland County ESA and local childcare providers, we provided temporary funding to licensed providers for families who needed help during the state’s shelter order. Over 45 families and 60 children were served.

United Way was also able to invest in programs that helps meet the needs of our nonprofits. Our nonprofit partners are our community’s lifeline. We provided flexibility with monthly funding and collaborated with the Midland Area Community Foundation to grant nearly $370,000 to local organizations.

United Way worked to tackle food insecurity, providing assistance for 10 food giveaways and helping to restock pantry shelves. Over 200,000 pounds of food were made available to community to meet the increased demand.

Thanks to you, we were able to provide $20,000 worth of housing rent assistance to support people facing eviction or unstable housing. Additional funding also went towards:

  • Technology to help connect people with vital mental health and basic needs through enhanced technology
  • PPE, cleaning and social distancing supplies along with Covid-19 awareness
  • Nonprofit support to help them sustain during the shut-down period and respond to increased demand for vital services

Looking Ahead

In Midland County, 23% of households are considered ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). Eleven percent are in poverty…and that was BEFORE the pandemic and flood.

As we look ahead, we anticipate the needs will only grow. Bill payments that once were deferred at the start of the pandemic will return, crashing down like a tidal wave instead of a continuous drip from a faucet. It can feel overwhelming and unmanageable for many—especially on top of daily life demands.

Because of your generosity, we are able to assist with barriers standing in the way of already-vulnerable populations. Our neighbors face daily challenges that have only compounded with Covid-19’s limitations.

Your help provides crucial support to vital programs to improve lives and provides hope in a time great uncertainty. Thank you. We could not have come alongside our neighbors during this critical time without you.