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About us

United Way of Midland County brings our community together to improve lives.

We amplify individual passion to take on our toughest challenges together. We don’t focus on a single issue because change is bigger than one organization or program.

We partner with nonprofits and invest in programs that show measurable outcomes—every year. Together, we create new solutions to old problems and join with people from all walks of life to put those solutions into action.

We make it easier to make a difference, whether it’s through time, money or lifting your voice. We are more than fundraisers. We are the hand raisers, the game changers.

United Way of Midland County is accepting applications for a full-time Database Coordinator.

This detailed, process driven data lover will maintain CRM systems and ensure our data is kept clean and usable. Working with Standard Operating Procedures, they will update donor and volunteer records and process pledges. With a customer-service mindset, they are committed to making our data actionable and will serve as a link between our databases and the United Way team by building reports, mailing lists, and dashboards.

Focused on continuous improvement, this person monitors our systems to make sure that our Data Standards are upheld. The ideal candidate is passionate about creating a positive impact in our community and wants to be part of the team leading United Way’s digital transformation. They are curious, collaborative, persistent, and not afraid to speak up or try something new.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a relevant position. Strong Excel Skills.

PREFERRED: CRM System experience.


  • Import and maintain data across multiple systems
  • Monitor systems for compliance with data standards
  • Manage account, contact, and record creation and merger processes
  • Create and manage dashboards
  • Pull email and direct mail lists
  • Build and pull reports
  • Assist with developing processes to further our work

If you are interested in joining a fun, mission-driven team, please submit a cover letter and resume.

Deadline for submissions is September 26, 2021.

APPLY HERE: https://www.indeed.com/job/database-coordinator-af2afd87105278f8