Bright colors in the air, high fives, laughter, music and excitement—that was the scene from the Community Colors 5k. This colorful community event was more about having fun and celebrating each other than finishing in record time. We couldn’t have said it better than you!

“What an exciting day. I would say the Color Run was a huge success. As a color thrower at the finish line, we saw exhausted, happy and proud runners finish the race.  We perfected our tossing techniques (trying to keep it away from their faces), congratulated the runners and marveled at their accomplishments. My favorite were the little kids that dashed thru our gauntlet of color,  the family of Dad and 4 little kids that made snow angels in the color on the ground and wrestled each other and the last runner to cross the finish line…a very pregnant lady who said “she was running for two.”  There were the pro runners who were focused on crossing the finishing line, chief of police Cliff Block, and other familiar faces.  My heart went out to the runners who were struggling to make it to the end….no smiles from them…but you know they were so proud to have made it. “ –Color Thrower Carol Moore Miller

“I have 4 words for you… IT WAS SO COOL!” – Maddy Boyes, 12 year old participant

“It was fun and the price was right!” – Jenny Dinsmoore

“The most fun of the day was being with fun people” — Kristen Hoeppner-Rupp

 “We had a blast!  We are here with our grandkids, our daughter and son-in-law and we had so much fun!” — Paul and Karen Hugo

“I’m here for three reasons, 1) I like to run, 2) this is a fun way to do it, and 3) to raise money for the United Way!” — Eric Swanson

 Everyone I saw along the way was excited and happy to join in on this celebration.  I just love seeing that many community members gathered together in one place at one time.  It shows how much of a community we can be and energizes me. –Chris Tointon