When like-minded individuals gather in the evening to enjoy time together and give back through donations and volunteer work, you know you live in a powerful community.

On May 2nd, 2017 nearly 100 Young Leaders United and Midland Area Chamber of Commerce MyPros members gathered to discuss the new Community Gardens Project and watch our favorite Class A baseball team, the Great Lakes Loons. Many of Midland’s philanthropic young professionals enjoyed a BBQ style dinner with friends and family while discussing the need for access to fresh produce for neighbors struggling to put healthy meals on the table.

Successful gardening is time-consuming and needs a lot of care to produce results! At the baseball social, attendees had the opportunity to sign up for the June 6th Planting Day volunteer event where gardens were planted in three locations to support the Midland County Hunger Connections. Memorial Presbyterian, Midland Nazarene, and Messiah Lutheran were delighted to partner and dozens of helpers planted our new Community Gardens. Overall, 36 Young Leaders volunteered for two-hour shifts at each of the Community Gardens.

Currently, the gardens are being weeded and harvested weekly in conjunction with the Midland County Hunger Connections and local business and church volunteers. Everyone is excited to see the results from the collaborative effort of so many of Midland’s finest!