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Help! I Need to Save & Organize Computer Pictures, Files, Folders, & E-mails!

Friday, January 24, 9:00am–3:00pm (1-hour lunch) Trailside Center, 4700 Dublin Ave

$65.00 includes Book and Workshop. Not for Apple desktop/laptop or tablet users. Windows users only. Are your files, digital pictures, emails, and information scattered everywhere on your computer? Author and instructor Mike Wilson will demonstrate how to create an orderly system with pictures, files and folders. Learn how to download and copy files from the internet. See pictures transferred from a cell phone to a computer and make minor picture editing changes. Save files and projects on your computer and flash drives, and easily find them. Learn how to create, copy, move and relocate pictures and files. See how to arrange and delete e-mails. In addition, search for misplaced files and locate them. (See tons of Mike’s former students in class and their comments at: www.ourseniorhelp.com>.) $65.00 fee for this all day workshop and manual is payable that day to “Library Computer Tutor.” $25.00 of the fee is for Mike’s basic file management book that students will use in class and will be a great resource and reminder long after the workshop is over! Call 633-3700 to register.