At the end of the second week of the community campaign, United Way continues to gain momentum. Pledges totaled $1,642,678, representing 35% of the overall campaign goal of $4.7 million.

The United Way partner agencies create change every day through their impactful programs and services. They also run impressive internal campaigns, seeing firsthand the impact of their community’s investments.

Many partner agencies are finding creative ways to support the campaign this year. Home to Stay is offering a jean week, comfy clothes day, a bake sale, trivia and even a Halloween-themed potluck. The ROCK Center for Youth Development students created custom buttons that are being sold during their campaign to support the community.

West Midland Family Center kicked off their campaign with a new fun and friendly competition. Their team is participating in penny wars with a prize of choosing which song their Executive Director, Greg Dorrien and team member Mike Sobolewski will sing at karaoke.

“It’s so inspiring to see our nonprofits be so engaged and having fun to support their United Way campaigns,” shared United Way staffer, Andrea Plouff, Relationship Manager. “They do such incredible work in our community and have so much passion for helping our neighbors in need.”

MyMichigan Health also kicked off their employee campaign with a strong start. Thanks to the overwhelming response, their annual campaign t-shirts and jean day sticker sales raised over $50,000. Keep an eye out for the unique burgundy, blue and olive green Live United shirts in the community.

Ieuter Insurance Group wrapped up their campaign this week raising nearly $14,000 in support of Health, Youth Success and Household Stability programs. Other local businesses kicked off their campaigns this week including SYM Financial, Bone & Bailey and Gavin Financial Group.

In United Way’s campaign video series, “We Asked the Community…” they interviewed folks about the importance of reading at grade level and how we as individuals can support our local kids. Many video participants shared that they too struggled with reading when they were younger, and had they not received support from a caring adult or teacher, they may not have found the success they have now. To watch this inspiring video, you can visit

“We honor and walk alongside the amazing work being done by our schools and educators,” shared Holly Miller, President and CEO of United Way of Midland County. “The investments being made complement the work in the classroom and provide meaningful ways to build reading skills along with relationships with caring adults.”

United Way shared that the most recent Kids Count report indicated that nearly 50% of third graders are not currently proficient at reading in third grade. Through nonprofit programs supported by the funds raised during the campaign, over 1,900 kids received free monthly books and nearly 100 were paired with a tutor or mentor last year.

But there are other kids who still need our support and you can be a part of changing that statistic by supporting the United Way campaign or lending your time as a volunteer.

The need for volunteer tutors and mentors is in high demand and opportunities can be found on United Way’s volunteer website at

United Way is spotlighting a unique virtual opportunity in partnership with Bullock Creek and Coleman schools called CricketTogether. Done completely online with great flexibility, mentors will not only support kids with reading and writing but also with building social and emotional skills. To learn more or sign up to volunteer visit

United Way invests in nonprofits in a visible and measurable way. The dollars raised go directly into community programs to ensure all people can thrive in the areas of Youth Success, Health and Household stability. Support of the campaign provides resources for 58 programs delivered by 26 nonprofit agencies.

To learn more about community needs, how dollars are invested for change, read an impact story, or find help visit

The 2023 United Way campaign will continue through the end of the year and everyone is invited to be a part of it.