With just two weeks remaining in United Way of Midland County’s campaign, the community continues to press toward the goal. United Way is reporting pledges totaling $3,449,475 raised, which is 77% of the overall campaign goal of $4.5 million.

“The next two weeks are crucial as we head towards the final stretch of our campaign,” said Kali Cochran, Director of Investor Relations for United Way. “Each contribution will be invested in vital programs that are life-changing for so many of our neighbors. How we unite as individuals now will help strengthen Midland County in the coming months.”

McKay Press is a dedicated partner with United Way. The company kicked off their workplace campaign this week, hosting employee drawings to inspire participation.

“McKay is committed to making a difference and have a long history of being a part of innovative solutions. United Way is a solution maker. They don’t just talk; they act,” said Jim Nigro, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at McKay and board chair for United Way. “We are proud to partner with this amazing organization to help better our community and improve lives.”

McKay generously donates the printing of campaign materials and other items throughout the year.

“We are so grateful to McKay for all of their support,” said Holly Miller, President & CEO of United Way. “Messaging is a key component of the campaign in order to spread the word, and that in-kind gift helps us inspire the community while saving precious dollars.”

Campaigns across the community continue to launch, while others draw to a successful close. Midland Public Schools kicked off their workplace campaign this week, putting focused efforts into communicating to students and staff about the benefits of United Way. Along with email updates sent to the staff, the schools will read United Way-focused announcements over the PA system.

The community also continues to get creative in how they inspire participation in the campaign. If you drive by Irish’s Barber Shop, see the United Way “We Will Rise Together” sign in their yard and honk, they will put a $1 in a jar. The money raised will go towards the campaign.

Companies like Bierlein and Three Rivers have been working hard to help our neighbors recover from the flood. Both companies recognized that their employees are busy helping the community. Bierlein renewed their corporate commitment of support to United Way, while Three Rivers continues their impactful employee campaign. Cancer Services also completed their workplace campaign, showcasing their dedication with an outstanding 100% employee participation rate.

Midland Cogeneration Venture also wrapped up their campaign with solid results, helping move the needle toward our goal. The company hosted a fun employee drawing. Those who participated in the campaign were entered to win one of two gift cards to Jack’s Fruit & Meat Market.

On the heels of a very successful employee campaign, Jim Fitterling joined fellow Dow leaders to host a North America Retiree event. In addition to sharing how Team Dow has responded to the many challenges, they encouraged retirees to continue to create change by supporting United Way.

“What an amazing community,” shared Miller. “Everyone have risen to every challenge that 2020 has thrown us and their investments are providing hope for so many.”

As we get closer to 2021, the impact of this year’s events have widened the gaps in our community. More people are asking for help for the first time.

If you or others face challenges, United Way encourages people to call 2-1-1: a free service that connects you to answers and resources for all of your health and human service needs.

“You can spend hours searching online for resources or answers,” said Sarah Kile, Executive Director of 211 Northeast Michigan. “211 does that work for you so you don’t have to spin in circles or feel overwhelmed. It is a simple, easy-to-remember way to get in touch with trained professionals who can connect people with agencies that can help. Thanks to United Way donors, 211 is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can make referrals to amazing agencies in Midland County.”

With just two weeks left, many individuals and organizations are continuing to rally in support of our community. You can be a part of the change—and your gift will stretch even further. The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation is offering a 50-cent match for every dollar invested by new donors and those who sustain or increase their support to United Way this year.