As the third week of the United Way community campaign comes to a close, the community continues to show their generous support. They are reporting pledges totaling $2,364,246 representing 53% of the overall campaign goal of $4.5 million.

Businesses are making a big impact, showing their commitment to the community where they live and work. The Midland Business Alliance kicked off their campaign this week, along with Midland Cogeneration Venture. DuPont also hit the ground running. With week one of their employee campaign under their belts, they’ve already raised 54% of their goal.

The fun continues across the county as more organizations show their commitment to not just participating in the campaign, but learning how their investment makes an impact. B+B Marketing Communications worked together to play the virtual “Play United” trivia game, and their interest turned into even more action. The marketing communications firm extended their campaign to the end of the month so they have more time to focus their efforts.

“The “Play United” trivia game was a great way to learn more about United Way, while building excitement for our campaign,” said Melissa Meissner, Human Resources Specialist and Office Manager for B+B Marketing Communications. “Every year we choose the month of October to host fun, competitive activities to raise awareness and money.  While this year will be a little different, we look forward to seeing what our small but mighty staff can do!”

Team Dow ended their employee campaign on a high note this week. After meeting their employee goal five days early, they crossed the finish line with gusto. Dow raised a total of more than $1.2 million, exceeding their goal and proving there is strength in numbers.

Corteva is also celebrating a milestone—exceeding their employee goal, reporting pledges surpassing $70,000 coupled with a one-to-one corporate matching grant. They partnered with the Molasses Food Truck for a tasty treat that raised dollars, ran a successful 50-50 drawing and hosted a swag drive.

It’s true that one ripple of change can make a wave of impact. No gift is too small. No action is too large.

“Every gift matters,” said Kali Cochran, Director of Investor Relations at United Way. “Your investment joins with gifts from across the community and is invested in vital programs that inspire life change. You are impacting people you live and work alongside. It’s community helping community.”

Here’s what impact can look like:

  • $1 per week provides over 200 pounds of nutritious food for a struggling family
  • $5 per week provides a gas card for five cancer patients to travel for specialized care
  • $20 per week provides a match between a child and a caring mentor for a year
  • $50 per week provides materials for six wheelchair ramps

“Giving to United Way is personal,” said Jim Nigro, Board President. “Stronger Together is not just this year’s campaign theme. It’s a helpful reminder—especially during this difficult year—that we are greater than the sum of our parts. Every action makes a difference. Each one of us can make a difference, but an entire community working together brings significant change.”

The campaign will continue through Friday, Oct. 30. For more information about how you can help improve lives in our community, visit