Seven weeks into the 2018 Campaign, United Way of Midland County is reporting pledges of $3,490,040. These pledges represent 74% of the overall $4,700,000 goal. With a $1.2 million gap heading into the campaign’s final week, United Way of Midland County is calling on the community to help support their own neighbors, friends, colleagues and family members who rely on the vital services that these Campaign dollars support.

“Midland is full of generosity, genius and courage, and when those three hold hands, anything is possible,” shared Bridgette Gransden, Midland County Administrator/Controller and 2018 United Way Campaign Chair. “We appreciate the dedication the community has shown not just to United Way and our annual campaign, but the entire community, its families and those who need a hand up.”

Along with several workplace campaigns trending downward, this year’s United Way Campaign has also been impacted by local economic uncertainties. These uncertainties tend to impact the people in our community who rely on our services the most. We need your help to get us to our campaign goal, so United Way can continue to meet the escalating needs of those who are struggling in our community.

“If you haven’t given to United Way yet this year, please do so. It makes a difference to your neighbors, your friends and your family. If you don’t think that you know someone, trust me—you do, because United Way dollars impact every single person in our community,” shared Janine Ouderkirk, Executive Director at Shelterhouse. “United Way dollars allow us to serve those people in our community who are hurting, that need hope and need safety. United Way dollars make all the difference.”

United Way of Midland County invests in 62 programs at 25 local nonprofits, including vital programs such as mental health counseling, senior services, domestic violence advocacy, disability resources, substance abuse treatment, early learning programs, and basic needs assistance with utilities, shelter and food. These programs are designed to help people from all walks of life—not just those who are struggling to make ends meet. United Way works day after day to meet people where they are, because you never know when you might need a hand up.

In addition to campaign dollars impacting partner agencies, United Way of Midland County supports local nonprofits by connecting them with a steady pipeline of skilled and dedicated volunteers. In addition to coordinating volunteer opportunities at agencies, United Way of Midland County also manages all volunteer coordination for the Midland Public Schools district, on site at The Dow Chemical Company and also has a presence at Northwood University. In 2017, United Way of Midland County connected 4,594 volunteers that contributed more than 70,480 hours of service. With the monetary value of one hour of volunteer work estimated at $24.14, this volunteer work equates to nearly 1.7 million dollars of impact across Midland County.

“We’re making a major push to close the $1.2 million gap so that these vital services can continue to reach those that need them the most,” stated Ann Fillmore, Executive Director at United Way of Midland County. “We’re blessed to live and work in such a generous community, and we’re counting on that generosity to continue in order to help those that are struggling.”

What can you do to help? Every donation counts, no matter the size.

  • Consider a first-time donation. Every donation makes an impact and every dollar makes a difference.
  • Renew your support. Our generous neighbors have gotten us this far. If you’ve supported United Way in the past, there is still time to make an impact in our 2018 campaign.
  • You can donate safely and securely at or by mail.
  • Spread the Word. Encourage your neighbors and your friends to lend their support.
  • Turn in your results! Many organizations are still actively campaigning. Drop off your results or mail contributions to our new office:
    United Way of Midland County
    115 Jerome Street
    Midland, MI 48640