With the end of the 2019 community campaign in sight, United Way is reporting pledges of $3,614,848, representing 80% of the $4.5 million goal. So many people in our community depend on these vital programs and services. United Way is counting on our community to close the gap to show our neighbors that we’re there for them.

Let’s face it. We spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting in line, waiting at a red light, waiting at the doctor’s office and waiting at the airport. Overall we spend over six months of our lives waiting.

Right now, our community is waiting for us. There are families who need help with their basic needs and stable housing. Kids are waiting for support with reading, a caring mentor and a safe place to belong. People in crisis are waiting for counseling, recovery, food assistance and more. They’re waiting for a community that cares.

“It can be hard to know how one person can make a difference in the life of a person in need. When each of us does our part, amazing things can happen,” said Holly Miller, Executive Director at United Way of Midland County. “Our neighbors are waiting on each of us to make a difference. Remember, every donation counts—no matter the size.”

One common question people ask about United Way is: How is the money being raised invested in the community?

United Way invests the communities’ donations in three impact areas: Youth Success, Health and Household Stability. These areas are aligned to the most pressing issues facing our community.

United Way reflects our community and you may be surprised to know that program investment recommendations are made by volunteers—not United Way. A group of 40+ volunteers from all walks of life come together every fall to ensure that investment decisions are aligned with the community’s greatest needs. Panels are meeting now to review applications and listen to presentations from partner agencies. This application and review process creates a high level of accountability, as programs must show measurable change each and every year.

“Our roles and responsibilities for the Community Investment Panels are to listen, learn and ultimately help make decisions that will drive long-lasting positive impacts for the residents of Midland County,” explained Michael Smith Jr., Panel volunteer and Global Thermal Product Manager at DuPont. “Alongside our partners at United Way, we are entrusted with the responsibility to help make decisions that will ensure pivotal organizations in our community have the financial means to provide life-saving services to our fellow community members.”

With a week remaining in their first-ever campaign, DuPont employees have already exceeded their campaign goal, but continue to push forward. This week, they hosted “Crockpot Cook-offs” at their seven Michigan sites with all proceeds benefiting United Way. These events fostered great conversation, engagement and some amazing food.

“We’re very proud of our organization,” shared Kayley Lyons, Community Relations Leader at DuPont in Michigan. “With all of the changes we’ve been going through, we’re still finding time to get together, participate and make an impact in our communities.”

Local labor councils continued their long history of supporting United Way by exceeding their goal with nearly $5,000 in contributions. In addition to the generous support from the councils, many union employees donate through workplace campaigns and volunteer their time and talent throughout the community.

AT&T once again showed their commitment with a generous donation. AT&T’s Gavin Goetz was joined by State Representative Annette Glenn for the check presentation, where they both voiced their support for the vital community programs supported by United Way.

“Over the years, United Way of Midland County has made a tremendous impact in the lives of so many of our friends and neighbors, who all have very different needs,” shared State Rep. Annette Glenn of Midland. “They are a blessing to our community and the support they have received so far is wonderful—let’s keep it going through November 1st and beyond!”

While the 2019 community campaign officially wraps up next week, many organizations are still actively campaigning. Don’t keep the community waiting—drop off your results or mail your contributions to our office at: United Way of Midland County, 115 Jerome Street, Midland, MI 48640.

For more information about how you can help improve lives in our community, visit unitedwaymidland.org.