After rounding the halfway point of the 2017 Community Campaign, United Way of Midland County has reported pledges of $3,043,846. These pledges represent 63% of the overall $4,800,000 campaign goal.

You might be wondering: Why invest in United Way?

As a community, we rise and fall together. Everyone benefits when a child succeeds in school, when people have all of the resources they need to provide for their family and when everyone can achieve and maintain good health.

United Way works to ensure everyone reaches their full potential by focusing on the building blocks of a good life—Education, Health and Self-Sufficiency.
“We trust United Way to thoughtfully and efficiently guide our contributions to help those in our community to learn and grow, and to help those in times of need,”
shared Sarah Opperman, United Way Board Treasurer and Tocqueville Society member.

United Way invests in 62 programs through 25 non-profit agencies that are aligned with the community’s most pressing needs. Throughout the fall, the community impact team works to review applications and recommend how the money raised will have the biggest impact.

The money that is raised here stays here. We raise money locally, make investment decisions locally and measure local impact.
“United Way is the collaborator that brings businesses and communities together to create positive impact,” explained 2017 Campaign Chair Diane Postler-Slattery.

Local retirees continue to champion the cause throughout Midland County by donating over $500,000 to date in the 2017 campaign. These legacy donors change lives by making community impact a priority in their retirement.

Local organizations are still rolling out their unique campaigns throughout the community. Bolger + Battle has kicked off their campaign with a variety of fun activities, including office golf, a breakfast potluck and a basketball shootout challenge in support of their month-long United Way campaign.

The employees of Trinseo are very engaged all year, serving as community volunteers, sponsors and advocates for our community. Trinseo kicked off their annual employee campaign with a cornhole competition where the Midland Burger Company food truck was on site for burgers and fries. They run an engaging campaign that includes connecting their employees with the impact of their donation by inviting guest presenters from United Way partner agencies to speak at coffee breaks in the plant.

Midland County employees are going with a superhero-themed campaign this year. Employees can pay to send Superman or Wonder Woman to a coworker’s office, and those employees then have to pay an “eviction fee.” Kryptonite is also available for purchase, which can be used to keep the superheroes away from their offices.

The 2017 Community Campaign will continue through October 30. For more information on how you can change lives for the better in Midland County, visit