United Way was one of the first organizations I was exposed to when I joined Yeo & Yeo in 1986.  It was easy to have a small amount deducted from my paycheck , but through community events and meeting others it became clear that I could and wanted to DO MORE to make Midland a greater place to live and raise my family.

Yeo & Yeo has always encouraged giving back to our local communities and United Way has been a great way to get involved. My first step was donating. Serving as a loaned executive helped me to learn more and share the United Way message with other area businesses.

I began serving on the allocation panels to help decide where the greatest needs are and ensure we get the most out of our donations. As a volunteer auditor, I ensure the financial information non-profits provide United Way is accurate, and offer them ways to improve. This led to serving on the board for several agencies—all through my connection with United Way.

It gives me great pleasure to enable those I work with to go out into our community and do many of the same things I have enjoyed over the years.  At our monthly staff meetings, one of my favorite topics is discussing what we have done for the community.  It is a great to hear what they’re doing to help those in need. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer and give back – it is among our core values.

In Midland, we are not alone in giving back. Numerous firms and individuals share this philosophy and promote it tirelessly.

I have met, worked with and became friends with some of the greatest people in the world.  Midland is a world class community that goes above and beyond to support those who need help right here in our hometown.

Ready to get involved? Each of us can be a part of building a stronger community and United Way is a great place to get started. Volunteer for something you are passionate about and invite others to join you.

During this year’s tax season, consider giving a portion of your Michigan refund to help local families through the United Way Fund. Simply select the amount on Form 4642 and the amount will be combined with your other taxes.

It is truly amazing to be part of such a caring community. What a great place to live and give!