Brian and his fiancé have always believed in working hard. They both had steady jobs and took pride in being able to provide for their family.

But when the pandemic hit, Brian was laid off and struggled to find work. They started to fall behind and weren’t able to cover all their bills. The couple worried that their family might end up homeless if he couldn’t find a new job.

Connecting through 2-1-1

Brian wasn’t sure where to turn for help, so he searched the internet to see what was available. He discovered 2-1-1, a number he had never heard of before. He learned that 2-1-1 is a 24 hour, 7 day a week information and referral line that connects those in need with the resources that can help.

After explaining his situation, they connected him with Home to Stay for rental assistance.

“They are amazing,” shared Brian. “They didn’t judge me for needing help and were really nice to work with.”

Brian and his fiancé were so relieved to have the stress of the unknown taken off their shoulders. With the short-term help, they were able to catch up and get back on track.

One More Hurdle

They were back on their feet and doing well, until another crisis added overwhelming stress and uncertainty back into their lives.

When Brian went in for a routine physical, they discovered a tumor the size of a softball in his abdomen. He had been struggling with back pain, and that explained why.

The solution…surgery with an eight-week recovery period, leaving him out of work again.

Coming Out Ahead 

Knowing that a long recovery and time away from work would probably create financial strain on their family, Brian reached out to Home to Stay again.

“We feel a lot less stressed and don’t have to worry about money as much anymore,” shared Brian. “They helped us create a budget and checked in on us quite a bit just to see how we were doing.”

Brian is back on his feet and has started his own construction business.

“I would tell someone who is struggling with making ends meet to not give up,” said Brian. “There are organizations and people who treat you well and help you when you need it.”

He continued to share that “It may take some time, but hang in there because they will come through and when they do, everything seems to work out.”