Not graduating, lacking confidence to tackle goals or feeling unqualified for a job are everyday realities for some.

But no one should have to struggle alone.


If you or someone you know is struggling, please call 2-1-1 or visit their website for help.

is the salary a family of four needs just to afford the basics.
of Midland County households are poverty/ALICE.
people received basic need support.


Seth has always worked hard to provide for his family, but was tired from working multiple jobs, hardly making enough to cover the basics.

Knowing that he wanted a better life, and teach his kids the importance of putting in hard work to achieve their goals, Seth set out to find the help he needed and was connected with the Legacy Center.

“It wasn’t until I met Mr. Miller that I stuck with the program,” shared Seth. “I tried the program twice before but the online learning environment we tried didn’t keep me engaged.”

He continued to share that “Mr. Miller helped me find a balance of in-person and online learning that really helped me stay dedicated to the program. He saw my potential and didn’t let me give up on myself again.”

After a year of tutoring through the Adult Learning Program, Seth was ready to tackle his big goal of getting into college.

“I knew without a doubt that Seth would get in,” shared Mr. Miller. “He has so much passion for changing his life and has persevered through all the challenges he’s faced along the way.”

Now, Seth is studying at Lansing Community College and was accepted into their competitive Utility Lineworker Program.

“If you don’t do it when you’re 20, do it when you’re 30. If you don’t do it when you’re 30, do it when you’re 40,” shared Seth. “It’s never to late to put the work in to achieve your goals.”