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United Way Focuses on Widening Leverage for Deeper Impact

As the saying goes: “Work smarter, not harder.” That’s been our strategy here at United Way when determining how and where to invest funds and resources in order to create the most measurable community impact. Our mission is to unite the community to improve lives—that is [...]

“Just like that, it was gone…”: Alanna’s Story

Catfish. Bullfrogs. Crawdads. That’s what Alanna Lee and her husband Ryan found in the basement when the flood waters hit their tri-level home in Bullock Creek in May. The scent wasn’t exactly pleasant. “The catfish and bullfrogs and crawfish were just sitting on our couch,” Alanna [...]

We Couldn’t Even See Our House Because of the Water…”: Charles’s Story

It was 3:30 a.m. when Charles Colley got the call. He and his family needed to evacuate their Midland rental home as soon as possible. The flood waters weren’t just on their way—they were here. “It was a scary night,” Colley said. “My wife [then fiancé], [...]


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