Maybe you’ve never thought about donating from this perspective before but mentally processing it like that is, personally, one of my favorite “Cause and Effect” strategies. It allows me to experience joy every day of my life. I first discovered the ongoing benefits of donating to the United Way around 1987 down in Lansing when I went through a toastmasters speaking program and began giving speeches promoting the United Way campaign. I immediately felt like I was making a real difference by educating people about the work the United Way accomplishes and by making a personal monetary contribution. I love that for thousands of years science, religions, scholars, and good old “trial and error” have all consistently proven that when you help other people….it makes you happy. I like being happy! So just imagine that there’s a sign in a store that reads: Sale Today on Instant and Ongoing JOY! What would you imagine would be a fair price for THAT? Well there IS a store that has that sign out right now. The purchase price is the amount that you imagine is worthy of the way you can feel right now and throughout the upcoming year knowing your purchase will be working 24/7/365. The store is the United Way of Midland County and you can purchase instant and ongoing joy online at or by calling 989-631-3670. But hurry, the sale ends soon.