To assist in the Flint water crises response many partners have been receiving calls regarding individuals and organizations wishing to assist through the donation of water, filters, and funds. This tool is intended to assist community partners in directing donations.

Cash Donations:

The United Way of Genesee County (UWGC) has set up a fund that is used for the purchase of filters, bottled water, and prevention efforts. 100% of the fund is used for these projects and no Administrative Fee is assessed.

*The UWGC has sourced more than 11,000 filters systems and 5,000 replacement filters, ongoing sources of bottled water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and also supports a dedicated driver for daily distribution

UWGC Contact information:

James Gaskin, CEO, UWGC: 810-240-0297 (Cell), 810-762-0856 (O),

Jamie Lee Venable, Director of Community Impact, UWGC: 810-762-5826 (O),

Water Fund Donations can also be made online: and click the GIVE button. This will then provide a choice to designate to the Water Fund.

Bottled Water Donations:

The Food Bank of Eastern Michigan serves as the hub for the bottled water donations and community distribution. The Food Bank has more than 200 community partners in Genesee County and upwards of 90 partners directly in the City of Flint. The Food Bank has a dedicated fleet and drivers that distribute to community organizations in every part of the City.

  • Water drives that raise 100 cases or less should be donated to local entities of the donor’s choice that serve Flint residents or can be dropped off at the Food Bank. Please contact the Food Bank prior to making the donation.


  • Large scale donations by the pallet or truckload should be donated to the Food Bank directly for distribution through its current partner agency distribution model. Please contact the Food Bank to arrange delivery of the donation.


  • Water distribution includes Flint community partners such as churches, neighborhood based organizations and large social service organizations that are located in every ward of the City of Flint. These include distributions with food to three Mass Sites that receive a truckload of mixed product each week in areas identified as having the greatest need.


  • Water distribution systems can include partners designated by the United Way and schools located within the City of Flint


  • Organizations wishing to be added as a Food Bank partner agency should contact the Food Bank directly.

Food Bank of Eastern Michigan Contact Information:

William E Kerr, President / CEO, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, 810-239-4441 (O)

Tina Martinez, Director of Operations. Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, 810-239-4441 (O),

General FAQ:

  1. I want to donate bottles of water to schools, How? – redirect to Foodbank as all schools are included in Foodbank distribution. Please do not donate directly to Flint Community Schools as they are fully sourced.
  2. What is really needed at this time? We want to help? – The best type of support is cash donated to the United Way Water Fund. See above for website. No administrative fees are assessed and 100% of the funds are invested in purchase/shipping of bottled water by the semi, bulk filters, and prevention programming conducted through the Genesee County Health Department.