United Way of Midland County is partnering with Bullock Creek Public Schools to launch Club Connect, an innovative new national program to inspire a love of reading and giving back. It provides students a fun place online to engage in reading, play educational learning games, explore new books and be inspired by kids who are making a difference in their communities.

This annual membership program is championed by organizations committed to supporting early education and literacy: United Way, the National Association of Elementary School Principals and our local schools.

Launching during National Reading Month, Club Connect is being piloted at Floyd Elementary, where 83% of students receive free or reduced lunches and 28% of third grade students are struggling to read at grade level.

“We are committed to increasing reading proficiency at grade level by third grade to 100%,” shared Floyd Principal Rod Dishaw. “Club Connect is an opportunity to provide students with dynamic content that is fun to access but requires higher level thinking skills. It is great to have such tremendous organization providing content on the internet that parents and educators can trust.”

An annual membership to “Club Connect” costs $15, with 83% of all proceeds going back to support education and reading. This includes $5 of every card going directly to Floyd Elementary to support their reading goals. Subscribers will also receive over $500 worth of coupons and product discounts throughout the year, along with innovative ways to foster a love of reading and learning throughout the year.

“United Way is committed to ensuring that all 358 students at Floyd Elementary will be equipped with a Club Connect membership this year,” shared Ann Fillmore, United Way Executive Director. “To get the program started, we are providing the first 60 membership cards and will give others in our community the opportunity to adopt a child at Floyd throughout the month of March.”

Anyone in the community can purchase a card for a Floyd Elementary student or consider purchasing multiple cards or sponsoring an entire classroom. Parents at Floyd Elementary will be able to sponsor their own child, or participate in the buy one/give one, helping to support a fellow student in their child’s classroom.

“A recent study conducted by the Legacy Center for Student Success revealed that over 80% of students lost critical reading skills over the summer,” shared Rod. “This exciting new program will be a great way to keep our students engaged in reading outside of the classroom and throughout the year.”

The goal is to provide Club Connect memberships for all 358 students at Floyd. To sponsor a child, group of kids or an entire classroom, please contact United Way of Midland County at (989) 631-3670 or visit www.unitedwaymidland.org to purchase a card through PayPal.