Skipping a meal, stretching what’s left in the pantry or putting things back at the store are everyday realities for some.

But no one should have to struggle alone.

If you or someone you know are struggling, please call 2-1-1 or visit their website for help.

of Midland County residents are food insecure.
pound of food was rescued and redistributed to Midland County.
healthy meals were delivered to local seniors, including a friendly visit.


Chloe, her sister and their mom, Lisa, found themselves in a situation they had never been before.

As a newly single mother, Lisa was struggling to provide basic needs like healthy food for her children. Her recent divorce overwhelmed her with change, and she needed help through the transition.

Lisa learned about the Midland County Emergency Food Pantry Network (MCEFPN), and knew she needed to reach out. Never needing this type of help before, she found herself feeling embarrassed and filled with shame for not being able to provide for her family.

MCEFPN was able to provide her with groceries to provide healthy meals as they were settled into their new normal.

Lisa was beyond grateful. She told the team at MCEFPN that as soon as she was on her feet again, she’d pay it forward by restocking their shelves for others who may be in need.

Lisa and her girls kept their word.

A few months after receiving help, she stopped by MCEFPN again, but this time with a donation. With her first paycheck at her new job, she purchased food to restock their shelves.