The Midland County Health and Human Services Council (HHSC) recently launched a new website with the goal of keeping the community informed on health trends as well as poverty, housing, family, and youth issues.

According to HHSC Chair Alan Brown, the website is another tool each partner organization can use to inform the public about the council’s findings.

“Since we formed this group in 1998, we have worked hard to bring our community’s most pressing issues to light,” said Brown. “Reports from the last seven years are available for everyone to download. Simply understanding our biggest needs is a key step toward finding solutions.”

HHSC consists of 20 partner organizations and is led by 25 key community leaders. The council was formed to act as the common community interface with state agencies on collaborative efforts in health and human services.

“We’re excited to make this tool available to all organizations making an impact on health and human services, as well as the public,” said Brown. “The updated risk factor survey results will be available this spring with new data and reports to be added as they are completed.”

The HHSC website can be found at To contact the council, call or email Alan Brown at 989.633.3771 or