Feeling defeated while trying to help, school nights filled with tension and endless worry about their future are everyday realities for some parents.

But no one should have to struggle alone.

If you or someone you know are struggling, please call 2-1-1 or visit their website for help.

of 3rd grade students in Midland County are not reading at grade level.
students were connected with reading mentors last year.
kids birth through age five received free age-appropriate books monthly.


Mark’s little girl, Abbey, was so smart, but she was falling behind in school, and they struggled to understand why. Academics were very important to their family, and they wanted to give their kids the best opportunity to succeed in life.

They not only felt like they were failing as parents, but they also felt so alone. No one else in their circle seemed to be dealing with this same struggle.

They became aware of their daughter’s struggles with reading while she was in the 2nd grade. Mark shared that he saw posters around his workplace about the importance of Reading at Grade Level and was worried his little girl wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Wanting to help, Mark and his wife poured extra time and energy into helping Abbey work on her skills, but that ultimately put a lot of strain on their relationship because of the constant tension and stress around schoolwork.

Most subjects came easily to Abbey, but reading continued to be really challenging no matter how much time they spent working on her skills.

In the classroom, Abbey received extra help but being singled out destroyed her confidence. She was embarrassed to be behind her classmates and was frustrated that other kids were doing so much better than she was.

Mark felt defeated and knew they needed to find resources to help. Through his research, he found The Legacy Center for Community Success, and they were able to get on a path to help Abbey overcome her struggle.


In the 5th grade, she was paired with a tutor and the underlying issue with her reading ability was uncovered – Abbey has dyslexia. Her and her parents were so relieved to have had someone truly listen to their struggle and understand how to help.

Through the Barton Tutoring program, Abbey learned techniques on how to understand letters and words and became an avid reader.

Four years later she continues to attend tutoring. Her accuracy and understanding have improved. She’s caught up with her classmates and has a newfound love of reading.

Mark shared that Abbey recently read four books in one month just for fun!