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The Future of Medicine, Tuesday, November 10th, 11:45pm – 1:00pm, Trailside Center, 4700 Dublin Ave, Midland, 633-3700.

Soon We Will Cure Diseases with a Cell, Not a Pill – Current medical treatment boils down to six words:  Have disease, take pill, kill something.  But physician Siddharta Mukherjee points to a future of medicine that will transform the way we heal.

What Do We Do When Antibiotics Don’t Work Any More? – Penicillin changed everything.  Infections that had previously killed were suddenly quickly curable.  Yet as Maryn McKenna shares in this sobering talk, we have squandered the advantages afforded by us by that and antibiotics.  Drug-resistant bacteria mean were are entering a post-antibiotic world and it won’t be pretty.  There are however, things we can do, if we start now.

Call ahead to reserve your spot and register for lunch.  Aim to arrive by 11:30am and after your table is called, take your lunch to Room 160.