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Senior Services Building, 4700 Dublin Ave.
Gary Skory, Director of the Midland County Historical Society,is on his way to deliver his perspective on the past. On the day of theprogram, get in line for lunch by no later than 11:30am in Trailside and thentake your lunch into room 160. The talk will begin as close to 11:45 as possibleand end at 1:00. Local history programs have filled up very quickly and endedup with waiting lists, so make sure to call ahead well in advance to secure aspot at 633-3700. Lunches are by donation to those over 60 or $5 for thoseunder 60.
The Changing Face of MainStreet
Friday, October 19,11:45am-1:00pm
Downtown has certainlychanged through the years! In early days, with 14 saloons and such sandy roadsthat it was labeled by local papers as ‘That Horrid Street,’ Main Street grewand thrived. From the Reardon Brothers Store to The Mode Shop, the Star Theaterand much more, take a nostalgic stroll down Main with MCHS Director Gary Skory.