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Trying to Reduce Salt? Herbs & Spices Could Be the Key
Just one teaspoon of salt contains more sodium than the recommended daily allowance for most adults.  Many cooks add salt while cooking.  Next, the salt shaker is placed on the table, allowing us to add more at will.  This alone can put us out of range for healthy sodium intake.  Surprisingly, the salt shaker is not the biggest culprit.  According to the CDC, pre-packaged and processed foods, canned vegetables, deli cold cuts, and cured meats are laden with sodium.  Restaurant foods commonly contain more sodium than the same dish prepared at home.  The good news is that sodium can be reduced, while still enjoying tasty, satisfying foods.  With gradual changes, herbs and spices can be used to create delicious meals and help you to cut the salt without missing it. July’s Healthy Hints will delve into ways to start using wonderful herbs and spices to perk up your meals.

Greendale:  Monday, July 17, 11:00am  832-8683
Sanford:  Tuesday, July 25, 12:15pm  687-7888
Mills:  Wednesday, July 26, 12:30pm  633-3788
Trailside:  Thursday, July 27, 12:00pm  633-3790
Coleman:  Thursday, July 31, 12:30pm  465-6216

To reserve a seat, call the Activity and Dining Center of your choice.  We encourage you to come for lunch the day of the program.  To make a lunch reservation, call the center you plan to attend before 9:00am, on that day.