Walking on eggshells to avoid their temper, being put down or explaining away bruises are everyday realities for some.

But no one should have to struggle alone.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please call 2-1-1 or visit their website for help.

of women and 14% of men experience sexual or physical violence in their lifetime.
survivors of violence were supported and put on the path to wellness.
child survivors of abuse were supported with a forensic inerview.


Nicole is brave. She is a survivor.

Nicole didn’t grow up in our community. She moved here from another country, thousands of miles away, and English is her second language.

She felt isolated, struggled to understand the language, and was also living with a controlling and abusive partner, making it extremely difficult to see a path out.

After several years of hurtful, disempowering, and ongoing abuse, Nicole found her inner strength. She wrote a letter to her HR manager at work, sharing what was going on at home, and asking for help. After receiving the letter, the HR manager called Shelterhouse for guidance and set up a time for Nicole to talk with them.

It was evident to the team at Shelterhouse that Nicole’s love for her children was at the forefront and her determination to “get out” was clear. She didn’t know how to leave, but was bravely seeking guidance and was ready to overcome her fears.

Today, Nicole is in the process of buying her own house, in this community that has always been home for her children. She’s where she is today because she found her strength, asked for help, and our community responded.

This is what empowerment looks like. Survivors are some of the bravest among us because they made the call for help and busted their hearts out of the prison that domestic violence creates. They are declaring something simple yet extraordinarily powerful: that they are enough.