Hundreds of people came together on Wednesday night to celebrate United Way’s 95th anniversary and the unveiling of the annual campaign results.

Ann Fillmore kicked off the evening, sharing the many ways that our community has changed over the years.

“The faces, needs and even the appearance of our community has certainly changed over the years,” shared Ann Fillmore, Executive Director of United Way of Midland County. “But one community value has remained the same—that care we have for one another and ensuring everyone has the opportunity for a good life.”

She invited everyone to join in a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday,” complete with a birthday cake, candles and a fun surprise. As the lights faded and the candles burned, the 2015 Campaign Chair Jim Nigro sprung from the cake, amidst a flurry of confetti and balloons.

“Today is a celebration,” shared Jim. “For 95 years now, United Way has led the charge of caring for those in need, and for helping our residents live life to their fullest potential. I have personally seen how our community rallies with gusto around the annual campaign and witnessed the incredible impacts taking place.”

Jim went on to talk about how numbers are an important part of change in our community—how they help us measure where we started and demonstrate that we are making progress. He went on to share some important numbers—the many folks whose lives are changed because of our generous community.

  • ONE…109 kids had caring adult mentors invest in their lives.
  • TWO…132 local seniors were provided with warm meals and a friendly hug.
  • FOUR…4,509 people were offered hope and basic needs like food, clothing and utilities.
  • SIX…660 folks struggling with addiction were provided with detox, counseling and peer support.
  • SEVEN…17,000 calls were provided through 211 to connect those in need with help.
  • EIGHT…800 people were prevented from becoming homeless.
  • NINE…904 kids were provided with affordable, high-quality daycare.

 Each impact number, came together to reveal the final campaign results—4,916,827.

“What an incredible accomplishment,” shared Jim Nigro. “We’re celebrating You!  We’re celebrating Us and our incredible community!  Midland understands the importance of giving back. We’re one small town with a gigantic heart.”

The campaign was supported by over 7,200 donors and 200 local corporations and businesses. During the two week extension, our community rallied to not just meet, but exceed the campaign goal of $4,900,000.

Generous support came from every corner of the community, from the major corporate supporters and retirees to local schools, municipalities and small businesses.

“It takes more than one person or one organization to make a difference,” shared Ann Fillmore. “The true value of United Way lies not in the amount of money it raises, but in the impact in our community. We are in the businesses of bringing people together to change lives.”

United Way’s 95th anniversary celebration was made possible by the collaboration with the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce and through the generous support of the Holiday Inn of Midland, Fabiano Brothers and the Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe.