Betty wasn’t expecting their lives to change so quickly.

She and her husband were having some minor health issues, so they got in touch with Senior Services to learn about services available to help them continue living a fulfilled and healthy life.

Her husband’s health suddenly got much worse and he needed to be placed in care.

Betty was afraid and unsure. How was she going to adjust to this change and take care of herself? There were so many unknowns, and she was suddenly forced to face them on her own.


Betty had a difficult time adjusting to her new life. After being married for many years, adjusting to being alone every day was a transition she wasn’t ready for.

Loneliness lead to depression and Betty’s health started to deteriorate.

Cooking was overwhelming for Betty. When you’re on your own, preparing healthy meals can be daunting and cooking was not a strength. A lack of nutritious meals led to Betty losing weight that she couldn’t afford to lose.


After refusing help for months, Betty finally agreed to receiving home-delivered meals through Meals on Wheels. This free service allows Betty to eat much healthier than she was on her own.

Within a few weeks, her health started to improve, she was back to a healthy weight and she made friends with the volunteers!

Betty looks forward to the visits she has with the volunteers who bring her meals every day. Feeling less alone really helped her mood and outlook improve, too.

This program helps many people across the community get access to the nutrition they need. Betty is just one of nearly 700 other local seniors who received home-delivered meals through Meals on Wheels last year.