Do you have 30 minutes a month to build skills and a relationship with a local elementary student? What if you could participate from anywhere and anytime of day?

United Way of Midland County is partnering with local teachers at Pine River Elementary to pilot an innovative new program called CricketTogether geared toward local 3rd-5th graders. This turnkey, flexible eMentoring program matches mentors and students one-to-one to create virtual learning friends. There are over 180 kids already enrolled and mentors are needed today.

The pandemic has hit our students hard and THEY NEED YOUR HELP to improve reading and writing skills to build connection and confidence. Locally, 47% of our local 3rd-grade students are not proficient in reading, leaving them more likely not to graduate on time.

You can change that statistic. Together, students and mentors read intriguing articles about subjects students are already studying. Then, with gentle guidance from the teacher, mentors and students exchange digital letters getting to know each other while asking and answering thought-providing questions about what they read…all in a safe, virtual platform.

Volunteering is flexible and easy. CricketTogether is easy to use, virtual and volunteers can participate from anywhere at any time.

“It was really fun talking to you through our letters,” shared a student who participated last year. “I wish we could do this next year!”

Join us in making a difference today. To sign up, or learn more, visit


After a volunteer signs-up and completes the online training, they will be matched with a local student. Every couple of weeks, the pair will be provided with an article to read based on what they are studying in the classroom.

“CricketTogether helped my students not only to discuss topics related to the articles, but also to discuss their everyday life,” shared a local teacher.

The volunteer and student both read the material and exchange electronic letters 1:1 to talk about their lives and what they’ve learned. The teacher moderates the conversations through the online portal and integrates the communication into the academic calendar. The program follows the school calendar year.

Education is the cornerstone of individual and community success. It opens kids up to a world of possibilities and builds confidence, skills and a foundation for the future. Time spent with caring adults has a profound impact on how kids view themselves and the world.

To learn more or to sign up to volunteer, visit