Our community will only prosper and grow if all families and individuals are stable and Self-Sufficient. Fewer financial stresses lead to healthier lives, improved work performance and better education outcomes. United Way invests in programs that help adults to maintain employment while providing a safety-net of basic needs and stable and affordable housing.
The goal is to ensure that people of all ages and circumstances have long-term stability and independence.


  • Individuals have the skills to secure and maintain gainful employment
  • Families and individuals have the resources to meet their basic needs, including emergencies and transportation
  • Individuals are equipped to understand and manage their finances
  • Individuals and families have stable and affordable housing
  • Families have access to affordable, high-quality day care


Rachel and her husband both work, but since her husband’s job depends on seasonal demand, they were having a difficult time paying their energy bill and still providing for their children. As time went on, they were faced with the difficult decision of paying their energy and water bills and still being able to put food on the table for their family. Thanks to resources available due to United Way funding, Rachel and her family have been able to get help with their expenses while her husband has continued to line up more work. Now, his work has been steady, and they’ve been able to start saving for a down payment for a house of their own.