Health of individuals is a strong indicator of a healthy community. Achieving and maintaining good health and safety is important during all stages of life, from prenatal care through retirement. In additional to physical health, United Way focuses on emotional and mental health, safety and avoiding risk behaviors.


  • Children have a healthy start in life
  • Youth and adults have access to healthy foods and exercise and adopt healthy habits
  • Youth and adults avoid risky behaviors
  • Individuals are emotionally and physically healthy and safe


A local cancer survivor got so much out of her support group while she was going through treatments, she felt compelled to give back as much as she could. Now, she personally reaches out to new
people going through the difficult process of cancer diagnosis and treatments by providing support over the phone and visiting them in the hospital. With all that she’s given back, she’s become a
valuable resource to cancer service organizations and their networks. She says that even though her cancer is gone, not a day goes by that she doesn’t fear its return. In the face of that fear, she remains active by continuing to attend various support groups regularly, and her stories and experiences continue to give new cancer patients strength and confidence as they begin their own journeys.