Wheelchair Vans 101 at Trailside Senior Center

How to Strap Down a Wheelchair and Live to Tell About It! 

Tuesday, October 16 at 1:30pm, Trailside, 4700 Dublin Ave in Midland

Senior Services is in need of Transportation drivers who can drive a wheelchair accessible van and maneuver a wheelchair to secure it in the vehicle. To that end, we’d like potential Transportation volunteers to join us for a demonstration on how to secure a wheelchair in a van. Once you learn it is fairly easy and only requires basic strength and skill, we hope to get you on board as a regular volunteer. Transportation drivers are rewarded daily by our clients (and with chocolate in the drivers’ room!) Call 633-3700 to register. You are not making a commitment to volunteer at this point. It is only a demonstration. Volunteer registration forms will be on hand and you will have an opportunity to schedule a future orientation.