Healthy Hints at Local Senior Centers

Seasonal Affective Disorder: It’s Not Just the Winter Blues
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of major depression related to the changes of the seasons. Most often, people experience SAD during the winter months. Signs and symptoms of this condition should be taken seriously. Join January’s Healthy Hints to learn more about risk factors and signs of SAD, how it is diagnosed and possible treatments.

Greendale: Wednesday, January 9 at 12:30pm
Mills: Wednesday, January 16 at 12:30pm
Coleman:  Thursday, January 17 at 12:45pm
Trailside & Sanford: Thursday, January 24 at 12:15pm

To reserve a seat, call the Activity and Dining Center of your choice, at least one day before the presentation.  We encourage you to come for lunch the day of the program.  To make a lunch reservation, call the center you plan to attend before 9:00am on that day.