Health Hints at Local Senior Centers

Beware! Danger Lurks Ahead

Medications can improve quality of life, treat illnesses, relieve pain, clear a stuffy nose, cure infections or prevent health problems and complications of illness. So why is medication safety such a concern for older adults? Because adults 65 years of age and over are twice as likely as others to come to the emergency department because of a bad reaction to medication. They are also seven times more likely to be hospitalized after an emergency room visit. Attend October’s Healthy Hints to learn more about the risks of an adverse drug event, and ways to reduce your risk.

Mills: Wednesday, October 10 at 12:30pm
Trailside & Sanford: Tuesday, October 16 at 12:00pm
Greendale: Wednesday, October 17 at 11:00am
Coleman: Wednesday, October 17 at 12:40pm

To reserve a seat, call the Activity and Dining Center of your choice, at least one day before the presentation.  We encourage you to come for lunch the day of the program.  To make a lunch reservation, call the center you plan to attend before 9:00am on that day.